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racer.com Wednesday, 04 October 2017

Ryan Dalziel has launched a new venture that he hopes will make it easier for race drivers who have a side gig as driver coaches to connect with clients.
The IMSA and PWC racer founded racecarcoaches.com after spotting a gap in the market for a coaching network catering to amateur racers and track day drivers.
“So many of us rely on word of mouth for our deals, and I realized there was untapped potential in how we coaches get business,” said Dalziel.
“There are so many great websites out there that allow you to find businesses based on location, but nothing out there for race car coaches or track day needs. This will provide that, and hopefully build a strong network of clients and top-level coaches.”
First utilizing his own network of professional coaches, Dalziel privately opened up the website to allow the first members to create accounts and profiles, and list their experiences, services offered, and locations. To ensure credibility and professionalism, each coach was carefully screened before being published on the website. Subscription based for the coaches only, the site will be free for clients to browse and communicate with their coaches.
As the website continues to grow, clients will eventually have the ability to rate their coaches, allowing the stronger performing coaches to stand out.
“The goal is to be able to make it easy for clients to not only find high-quality coaches, but the coach that’s right for them,” said Dalziel. “We want to build this site to be the go-to resource for finding the best in the business. The first priority is to get coach profiles uploaded, and awareness out to the customers.”

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