How will RCC decide which coaches are eligible to be on the site?

RCC will use all of its experience in the coaching industry to vet its members. This includes but is not limited to additional communication, social media, and personal references.

Does RCC take any commission from client or coach?

No. RCC does not take commissions. Coaches can pay a monthly or annual fee, and the site is free for clients to use.

Will RCC vet clients or just coaches?

Our focus will be on vetting our coaches only to provide a safe experience for our clients. Coaches are encouraged to research their clients individually.

Is my membership refundable?

Month to month memberships may be cancelled at any time with no further payment. Annual memberships are non-refundable but can be cancelled with no penalty if you contact us at [email protected].

Can coaches update their location online?

Yes, via their member log in portal.

How will coaches be paid?

Coaches will be paid directly from client, in any form of payment that is agreed upon between both parties. RCC is not responsible for payment between client and coach.

How much will coaches be paid?

Coaches will negotiate their rates directly with the clients.

How soon after completing my registration will my profile be live?

Race Car Coaches will review your application when submitted and you will be notified when your profile is active. This will usually occur within 48 hours.