Who We Are

We are a network of highly experienced race car drivers, available for coaching services across North America, with a future of a Global reach. Whether it be for a track day, race event, or simulator coaching, our network of carefully screened coaches is at your disposal. Race Car Coaches founder, Ryan Dalziel, now a professional race car driver and coach, credits his progress and success to the expert mentoring and coaching he has received throughout his career.

What We Do

Finding the right coach for your track day or race event can be difficult. We want to simplify the process of connecting customers to our network of high quality coaches, becoming the main source for your event needs. Each coach is unique, so we’ve made it possible for customers to review each coach’s resume and services offered. Our services are location based, making it easy for customers to find coaches by location.

Membership Rates

Race Car Coaches is a free service to use. Coaches must sign up in the Coach Registration page and after we approve your application you will be listed on the site. Clients looking to hire a coach must also create a free account at the Client Registration page. Once you have created your RCC profile you will be able to connect with all of our coaches where compensation can be discussed privately.

Benefits of Using a Coach

Even after taking your first racing school, continuing your training in race craft can be a long process. There are always areas to improve your lap times, and better your knowledge and understanding of the race car and track. Coaches bring a wealth of technical knowledge and experience that can prove to be invaluable both on and off track. The best race car drivers in the world will all tell you the same, no matter how much you think you know, there is always more to be learned.