Ryan Dalziel – How The Pros Do It & Race Car Coaches

by Ross Bentley | Nov 16, 2017 | Speed Secrets Podcast

Ryan Dalziel joins me to talk about how he’s developed into one of the best race car drivers in the world – what techniques he thinks are most important (hint: it has to do with corner speed and what you do with the throttle), and how to take your driving to that level. He shares his thoughts about his Tequila Patron-ESM co-drivers, Brendan Hartley and Johannes van Overbeek, and how their driving styles compare, as well as confidence. Then we talk about race driver coaches, and specifically how to find the best one for you.

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Ryan has won in practically every form of racing he’s competed in, and is currently driving for Tequila Patron-ESM in IMSA. He’s also one of those drivers who can not only do, but can also explain how he does it – and that’s not a common trait. Recently, Ryan started RaceCarCoaches.com, a website where you can find a coach that is geographically ideal for you.

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